Natural Living is a Catholic Way of Life.
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This website is devoted to expanding and deepening a vision. What we have is something more than an idea, but less than a philosophy; it is a way of viewing the world and living life.

The center of this vision is the experience that Catholic Christianity is able to incorporate and claim every part of life, from the sublime to the common. There is certainly a Catholic way to worship, and a Catholic way to reason about morality, but there are also ways of having and raising children, of cooking and eating, of spending and saving which, although not demanded by the Catholic religion, are nevertheless profoundly in harmony with it. Catholicism can become a way of life.


One of the features of Catholic thinking which sets it off from all other denominations, religions, and philosophies, is that Catholic belief maintains a strong union of nature and the supernatural. A Catholic thinker differs from non-religious thinkers in maintaining that there is a supernatural realm—an intelligent creator, and a primordial loss of union with the creator which needs to be healed for nature to regain its own integrity. He differs from other Christian thinkers in maintaining that the supernatural does not destroy the natural: the graces a Christian receives do not override his nature, but build upon it. Hence a Catholic believes that right living demands respect for the designs of nature, while he knows that nature is not the only reality.

One should note, however, that a Catholic will tend to think about nature somewhat differently from non-Christians who wish to respect nature. Part of Catholic doctrine is that the one God created everything, including human reason. To use reason is natural for man. So when human beings make houses, computers, and other artificial things, this is natural! But as with grace, reason must build on nature, not destroy or replace it. Hence a Catholic believes that right living means living in accord with reason, but he also knows that right reason will respect the limits imposed by nature.

Therefore, as Catholic Christians, we want to live in a well-reasoned harmony with nature, and in this way we are partially aligned with the “green movement,” and others who are concerned with natural living. But we also want to live in harmony with the supernatural, and in this way we are aligned with other Christians. We strive to be natural Catholics. This is our vision.


How does this play out in life? If we want to be “natural Catholics,” how should we change diapers, or cook meals? What does a harmony of nature, reason, and the supernatural mean for how we discipline our children? What principles should we use to make practical and moral decisions? How can we adapt these general answers to particular situations, and avoid becoming legalistic?

  Our Purpose  
There will be many possible opinions about these questions, of course. The purpose of this website is to provide a forum in which those who share our vision can join us in thinking about the possibilities. We want to take what is implicit in this vision and make it explicit, to the best of our ability. Join us as we explore the ins and outs of natural Catholic living—and pitch in to give us a hand!

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